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Autonomous control system


The first mission of the new clean transport will be to significantly reduce the number of accidents. Primarily this could be done by eliminating or reducing the influence of the human factor in the control system, i.e. by automating the control systems that are responsible for vehicles and transport systems operations. Secondly, it is necessary to separate traffic trajectories where it is possible in order to eliminate or reduce the chance of collisions, i.e. exclude the possibility of location of other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles on the way of vehicle movement. And by the way, “Second”, given the level of development of autonomous vehicle control systems that we have today and will have in the near future, it is almost imperative in order to do the “First”. Therefore, the need for spatial displacement of the circulation area, at least, of public transport in the aboveground or underground space is obvious.

Clean Public Transport for the Coming Future

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky, Mr. Oleg Zaretskiy

Visualization of UST transport solution


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