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Delegation from Saudi Arabia visited uSky Test & Certification Centre


In a recent development, a high-level delegation from Saudi Arabia visited uSky Test & Certification Centre to explore our innovative transport solutions. The delegation was impressed with the cutting-edge technologies and systems in place at the center, and expressed keen interest in adopting our solutions for their transportation needs.

During the visit, the Saudi Arabian delegation had the opportunity to tour the transport center and witness firsthand the advanced infrastructure and processes used to manage the transport system. They were particularly impressed with the center's focus on sustainability, safety, and efficiency.

The delegation expressed their gratitude for the warm reception and hospitality shown during their visit and expressed their desire to establish closer ties with uSky Transport in the future. This visit marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote transportation innovation and excellence on a global scale.

The delegation on the background of the passenger line at the uSky Test & Certification Centre, UAE, Sharjah


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