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Emirati Media Titans Explore Innovation Hub: Inside uSky Test & Certification Centre in Sharjah


Journalists from the prominent Emirati media conglomerate "The National", led by Nick Webster, visited the Certification and Testing Center in Sharjah. The primary objective of this event was to showcase the operation of Line 4, spanning 2.4 kilometers. During the visit, uScovery DMCC's CEO, Oleg Zaretsky, conducted an extensive tour and addressed journalists' inquiries regarding Unitskiy cutting-edge string transport technology.

The article in the Emirati media holding 'The National' about line spanning 2.4 kilometers.

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7 days ago

Продемонстрируйте какова реальная скорость, где независимые эксперты? Сделайте полноценный репортаж, где токосъем? Это же всем интересно, продемонстрируйте все характеристики...

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