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New liquid biofertilizer, uTerra, for the Emirates market.


As part of the adaptation of our new liquid biofertilizer, uTerra, for the Emirates market, uTerra Middle East Industries conducts a series of experiments and research to develop a product of the highest quality. This product is intended to stand out significantly from competitors in terms of its effectiveness and its ability to facilitate the cultivation of natural vegetables and fruits.

Today, we are proud to present the results of our internal experiments, which were conducted to confirm the effectiveness of uTerra. In this experiment, we used tomato seeds and four different samples of liquid fertilizers purchased in the Dubai market. In the leftmost pot, we applied uTerra liquid biofertilizer, while the other three pots used different samples. As evident from the experimental results, uTerra demonstrated outstanding performance and contributed to the most vigorous growth of tomato stems.

Start of testing 20.07.2023

Interim result as of 29.08.2023

Interim result as of 26.09.2023


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