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Optimizing the process of vermicompost production using composting worms


uTerra Middle East Industries team conducts experiments aimed at optimizing the process of vermicompost production using composting worms. The vermicompost produced within uTerra Middle East Industries is not only environmentally friendly but also rich in organic matter, making it ideal for soil improvement and serving as the main ingredient for the production of liquid BIO fertilizer uTerra.

One of the key aspects of our research is creating the perfect feeding base for the worms. We study various types of organic waste, such as fruit and vegetable residues, coffee grounds, and even plant waste. Our goal is to determine which components provide the worms with essential nutrients to increase the speed and quality of their work.

We also pay special attention to the living conditions of the worms. Temperature, humidity, and other factors play a significant role in their activity and their ability to process organic material.

uTerra Middle East Industries research is aimed at developing the most efficient and sustainable methods of vermicompost production. We are confident that our experiments will help make the organic waste recycling process more environmentally friendly and productive.

Photo of worms in the vermicomposting process

Wideo of worms in the vermicomposting process


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