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Unveiling Excellence: uSky Test & Certification Center Launches Fourth Line, Redefining Transport Standards!


The important event took place at uSky Test & Certification Center in Sharjah! The opening of the fourth line, spanning 2.4 kilometers, was the result of long and meticulous work by a team of specialists who constantly strive to improve the Unitsky string technologies.

The new line provides an opportunity to visually demonstrate the advantages of uBuses, as well as to make the Center even more attractive for visitors. The comfort and smoothness of the movement of the uBus Karat confirm its effectiveness as a means of transport aimed at providing a safe and comfortable journey for every passenger.

The opening of the fourth line was another step towards strengthening the position of the uSky Test & Certification Center in Sharjah as a leading institution in its field. This success not only confirms its reputation but also opens up new prospects for future development and growth.

The 25-passenger uBus Karat takes a trip along the 2.4 km test route.


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