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uScovery DMCC at the Dubai Airshow 2023


uScovery DMCC is proud to announce its successful participation in the prestigious Dubai Airshow 2024, where we showcased our innovative unmanned aerial vehicle NOMAD. Throughout the exhibition, we actively shared our expertise and cutting-edge technologies in the field of unmanned systems, attracting the attention of aviation industry professionals and enthusiasts.

NOMAD, our latest venture in unmanned technologies, garnered widespread interest with its advanced concept and integrated solutions. We provided exhibition visitors with a unique opportunity to get a closer look at the capabilities of our unmanned aerial vehicle and discuss its prospective applications in various fields, including transportation, surveillance, and more.

Participating in the Dubai Airshow has been a significant milestone in our mission to showcase to the world the advanced technologies we are developing. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our experience and vision for the future of unmanned aviation on this outstanding platform. Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth, expressed interest, and supported us in this exciting journey into the realm of innovation!

Our NOMAD drone at the AAA TECH stand.


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