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uSky Transport's Breakthrough Unibus Steals the Show at the 19th Intelligent Transport System Asia Pacific Forum 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


uSky Transport showcased a working prototype of the six-seater unibus, the uCar U4-430, at the international transport forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, from May 28 to 30, 2024.

The uSky Transport stand drew attention from officials, political and business representatives, and particularly students and young researchers. They were inspired by the cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and safe Unitsky string technologies, seeing them as promising subjects for their academic and research projects. These innovations hold significant potential for addressing modern transportation and sustainability challenges.

The conference provided a platform not only to present these groundbreaking technologies to a global audience but also to exchange ideas on sustainable transport systems. uSky Transport's participation helped forge stronger connections with potential partners and investors, paving the way for the further development and implementation of these technologies worldwide.

Students and young scientists at the uSky Transport stand.


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