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uSky Transport successfully showcased its innovative solutions at the 10th Eurasia Rail Exhibition


.Istanbul, Turkey - uSky Transport, a leading developer of automated passenger transportation systems, is delighted to announce its successful participation in the 10th international Eurasia Rail Exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey.

uSky Transport booth featured unique passenger transportation systems. These innovative solutions enable the creation of high-speed, ultra-light transport lines utilizing the technology of string transportation. As a result, travel becomes fast, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

The team of experts and executives from uSky Transport actively engaged with exhibition visitors, presenting them with the possibilities and advantages of their innovative solutions.

uSky Transport's participation in the Eurasia Rail Exhibition underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to continuous improvement of transportation infrastructure. The company continues to work towards creating modern and sustainable solutions to meet the demands of the future.

Presentation of uSky Transport at the company's booth in Turkey, Istanbul.

Mr. Oleg Zaretskiy made a presentation at the conference devoted to the problems of transportation and solutions, Turkey, Istanbul.


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