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Unmanned Helicopter
a new tool for businesses
and industries


Powerful, reliable, accessible drone
More data per flight
up to 120+ min



Maximum take-off weight

  • 25 kg

Maximum speed horizontal level flight

  • 108 km/h

Temperature range

  • -30°C to 45°C Max

Wind speed

  • 15 m/s


  • not less than 500 m


Safe flights

  • minimal operator involvement

  • duplication of critical components and systems special

  • autopilot functions for emergency situations

Outstanding versatility

  • compatible with any payload up to 7 kg


Low maintenance costs

  • electric batteries require no maintenance during their lifetime

  • no need to hire large service personnel 

  • easily transported in a car


Complete Unmanned Aircraft System
Long-endurance helicopter
+ Redundant autopilot

Functional ground control station:

Easy setting of a flight task.

Possibility to change the route / task and control a payload during the flight.

Possibility to extend the functionality under the customer's requirements.

Smart batteries with optimum capacity

Fast charging in the special case within 2 h displaying

the charge level.

Extended storage in the case.

Payloads for various tasks


Modular Platform for Multiple Tasks

For cargo transportation

  • fragile loads in the mount 

  • temperature sensitive loads in the box

  • external mounts featuring smooth release of the load

For industrial inspections

  • LiDARs and gimbals for images, orthophoto, and 3D models

For special tasks

  • scientific equipment in the custom mount

  • agricultural equipment for crop spraying, aerial topdressing and seeding

Benefits of UVR Solutions


No ground operations

Acquisition of relevant and comprehensive data about hard-to-reach, large-scale infrastructure and areas

Fast delivery of fragile and dangerous cargo irrespective of road infrastructure


No labor-intensive inspections

Rapid tasks execution
Acquisition of timely and precision data Labor costs reduction
No risk to life and health of personnel


No piloted helicopter missions

Reduction in costs associated with training flight personnel and maintenance

No in-flight incidents and accidents involving people

About UVR

United Vehicle Robotics designs and develops a new mode of civil transport which is fully autonomous cargo helicopter drones, or cargo helicopter-type unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Our helicopter drones under development have ultra-long endurance capable of carrying cargo of 200 kg – 2000 kg which is extra high load capacity among civil VTOL unmanned aircraft.

Besides creating our own models of cargo drones we are capable of converting any manned helicopter to a fully autonomous unmanned aircraft.

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